Rochester, Vermont, students complete recycling series

Series is part of White River Solid Waste Alliance’s school outreach efforts.

White River Solid Waste Alliance, Royalton, Vermont, is continuing its school outreach efforts in 2018. As part of its Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP), the alliance has engaged Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), Epsom, New Hampshire, to provide four workshops and two technical assistance trainings for Rochester School. The alliance’s goal is to assist schools in the region to become compliant with Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, Act 148.

Charen Fegard, NRRA School Recycling Club educator, presented workshops on Healthy Home/Clean Waters, Waste = Global Climate Change, Back to the Earth (composting) and Recycling & Composting in Your Town. Fifth-, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders attended the workshops, held March 22, 2018.

Prior to the workshops, on March 21, two technical assistance trainings were held at Rochester School. Fegard conducted a Star Assessment, NRRA’s proprietary school recycling inventory and review. She also provided custodial staff training on indoor air quality and green cleaning, consisting of a comprehensive inventory and analysis of cleaning products and practices used in the school. Facilities Manager Jessie Potter assisted with the evaluation.

The White River Solid Waste Alliance represents the Vermont towns of Barnard, Bethel, Granville, Hancock, Pittsfield, Rochester, Royalton and Stockbridge. As a member of NRRA, all schools within the alliance are eligible for free membership in NRRA’s School Recycling Club and receive discounted programming.

The School Recycling Club is an NRRA outreach and education program for all schools in New England and beyond. For students and teachers in grades K-12, the club serves as a centralized organization to become more active in the world of recycling and provides a way to give kids encouragement, direction and networking possibilities regarding school recycling programs. More information is available at