pt 24 comarison
Courtesy of Vecoplan LLC

Vecoplan manufactures its 50th PT 24 shred truck

The truck was reintroduced last year with a smaller, more efficient hydraulic cyclone tank.

September 17, 2020

Vecoplan LLC, Archdale, North Carolina, has announced that it is building its 50th PT24 shred truck since the vehicle was reintroduced last year with a smaller, more efficient hydraulic cyclone tank.

According to the company, the new tank operates the shredder using significantly less hydraulic oil, resulting in nearly 350 pounds less weight than the standard hydraulic tank. In addition to the weight reduction, maintenance is easier and annual oil replacement is less expensive, the company says.

“We’ve been gratified with customer response to the PT24,” says Vecoplan Paper and Mobile Shred Sales Manager Cameron Cecil. “The cyclone hydraulic tank has proven to be a desirable feature of our truck, which already boasts industry-leading technology and performance, easy maintenance, 24-7 service and the industry’s best warranty.”

Vecoplan says its recently expanded its manufacturing facility in North Carolina to meet demand for its trucks.

Cincinnati-based Document Destruction has acquired six Vecoplan PT24 mobile shred trucks over the past two years.

”There’s a lot of technology in the truck, but it’s the most driver- and user-friendly truck I’ve seen,” says Document Destruction owner Mike Callihan. “I appreciate that Vecoplan purposely built their truck for guys who don’t need an engineering degree to operate it.”

Vecoplan LLC is a subsidiary of Vecoplan AG, located in Germany. The company is a leading manufacturer of industrial and mobile shredders for size reduction of virtually any material, selling into plastics, wood, biomass, paper, recycling and waste and waste-to-energy markets.