Upstate Shredding to Install Shredder in Albany, N.Y.

Upstate Shredding to Install Shredder in Albany, N.Y.

Company plans network of feeder yards for the new shredder.

December 2, 2013

Upstate Shredding, headquartered in Owego, N.Y., has purchased a metal shreedder and downstream sorting system for its scrap yard and port facility in Albany, N.Y. The company opened the facility in August 2013 and says it expects the shredder to be operational by April 18, 2014.

Upsate Shredding says the project will represent a total investment of $25 million and is being funded privately by the company. Adam Weitsman, president of Upstate Shredding - Ben Weitsman, says the company did not seek government assistance on the project.

“We’ve spent years building our metals recycling network in New York and Pennsylvania into a highly efficient system,” Weitsman says. “We have ambitious goals for our Albany yard, and this shredder is the next step in putting that plan of expansion into motion.”

Upstate Shredding adds that it also expects to spend several million dollars in the region over the next several years to create and develop a network of recycling facilities to feed the new shredder.

“It took us years to build up our feeder yard system around our Owego shredder, and this new shredding location, in addition to our shredder in New Castle (Pennsylvania), which will be operational in the second quarter of 2014, will be the launching pad of the next phase of our expansion,” Weitsman says. “We’ve examined the markets surrounding the Albany facility, and we plan to make several new acquisitions of scrap yards in the region to develop the network of yards to feed the Albany shredder.”

The shredder and downstream system will be built by Wendt Corp., Buffalo, N.Y. Although smaller than Upstate’s Owego shredder, the company says that several technological advances to ensure maximum recycling value have been included. The advances include separation technologies to recover wire, plastics, nonferrous metals and other materials such as fines. Recent advances in shredding technology also will make it possible to divert even more recyclables from landfills, the company says.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Upstate Shredding to construct a new state-of-the-art shredding plant at the Albany port facility,” says Tom Wendt Jr. of Wendt Corp. “It’s a pleasure to be part of Adam Weitsman’s continued growth and success.”

In May 2013 Upstate announced the site of its second shredder, which was being installed in New Castle. Weitsman acquired the New Castle scrap yard, formerly Ferromet, in December 2012. Since acquiring the facility, Upstate has invested several million dollars to upgrade the facility. The investments include demolishing old buildings and erecting new ones, full paving of the facility and installing new equipment.