UK Firm Launches Light Bulb Recycling Machine

The machine has been jointly designed and developed by Revend Recycling Ltd. and the Norwegian company Repant ASA.

December 14, 2011

Revend Recycling Ltd.,  based in the United Kingdom, has launched a new reverse vending recycling machine for light bulbs and batteries.
The company says its patented Revend reverse vending recycling machine is the first light bulb reverse vending recycling machine of its type in the world. The machine has been jointly designed and developed by Revend Recycling Ltd. and the Norwegian company Repant ASA 
Revend says the light bulb recycling machine has an optional add-on unit that will allow the machine to also collect and recycle batteries.
According to Revend, its new recycling machines will help to increase national recycling rates and assist companies and organizations comply with their recycling targets and environmental recycling obligations.
Revend Recycling will sell and market the reverse vending recycling machines under its Revend brand name.
Repant will manufacture and assemble the machines based on its Cosmos reverse vending recycling machine technology. 
Features of the light bulb reverse vending recycling machine include:
  • Automated, safe collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs, including incandescent bulbs, CFL light bulbs (which contains the hazardous waste mercury) and LED light bulbs;
  • An optional battery collection unit;
  • Built-in technology safely recycles light bulbs containing Mercury and other hazardous materials;
  • An automated soft-drop system designed to safely collect and lower light bulbs into a special collection container, minimizing breakage;
  • An internal mercury fume extractor and mercury fume filter;
  • Similar in size to a vending machine;
  • The user automatically receives a reward incentive voucher that can be used for product discounts and sales incentives;
  • A database updated regularly via telemetry from anywhere in the world by authorized users;
  • Automatically sends text or email when secure light bulb storage container is nearly full and needs emptying; and
  • Complies with EU and U.S. environmental and recycling standards.


The decision to launch the international marketing campaign for its light bulb recycling systems follows the company’s recently concluded “pilot” installation at the retailer IKEA’s store near London.