Scrap Dragon goes to the Xtreme

Software supplier says its new product offers more power for enterprise users with multiple locations.

September 11, 2016

Scrap Dragon Xtreme software from Tranact, St. Petersburg, Florida, is a point-of-purchase system designed for traditional scrap yards. Completely rewritten on Microsoft’s .NET platform and using Microsoft’s SQL database engine, Xtreme retains the ease of use of Scrap Dragon but in a more powerful client-server product, the company says. Scalable Xtreme software offers enterprise users with a multiyard solution, while individual yards can benefit from low-cost cloud-based deployment, Tranact says.

Integrated with the JPEGger and Scrap Yard Dog imaging products from TranAct, Scrap Dragon Xtreme also offers a mobile buying solution.

Four modules are available for buying scrap, selling scrap, container management and accounting package integration into QuickBooks and other popular general ledger accounting packages. A multiyard toolkit adds yard-to-yard transfers, consolidated reporting, shipping from multiple yards on one contract, settlement of tickets from multiple yards with a single payment and other multiyard features, Tranact says.

The Buy Side module includes everything needed to purchase and pay for scrap from peddler, industrial and commercial accounts using cash, check, ATM or ACH (automated clearing house). The system is designed to work with touch-screen monitors and uses drivers’ license scanners, bar-code readers, thumb-print readers, document scanners, IP (Internet protocol) cameras and electronic signature pads for faster processing and compliance, Tranact says. The system will keep users compliant with state, city and local regulations, including the Texas Cash Card system, the supplier says. Automatic electronic government reporting is included for all jurisdictions. Special tools are provided for ensuring that all required data is entered and to facilitate fixing rejected records. Users can customize the system to reflect the commodities they buy and printed forms and reports also are easily modified, TranAct says. A variety of behavior options allows users to tailor the system to the needs of their yards.

The Sell Side module handles contracts, containers, shipments, bookings, packing lists, bills of lading and invoices and includes real-time inventory management, according to TranAct. Commodity purchases can be distributed automatically among several inventory items. Using Scrap Yard Dog, progress photos for overseas shipments can be managed.

The Dispatch module is for yards that provide pickup and delivery service of scrap collection bins. This module tracks the location of containers and how long they have been at each location. Service contracts document the agreement with the customer. Service calls can be taken, and the dispatcher has control of all work orders and trips, TranAct says. Additionally, built-in mapping provides a visual display of container locations and routing.

The General Ledger interface passes Scrap Dragon Xtreme accounting information electronically to your favorite general ledger accounting package, eliminating the need for duplicate entry. Most popular accounting packages are supported and custom interfaces to other systems are available, the company says.

Existing users of Scrap Dragon Classic can migrate to Scrap Dragon Xtreme and their existing data can be converted for a fee, according to TranAct. While much of Xtreme already will be familiar to Scrap Dragon Classic users, new features include the ability to have multiple windows open at once, integrated live video, wireless support for tablets and other mobile devices, hosted deployment, multicurrency, integrated emailing of forms and reports, automatic government reporting, noncompliance notifications single-screen error corrections for government reports, enhanced customer search capabilities, unlimited deductions on each ticket line, deductions by percent of value and automatic generation of customer advance tickets.

Full licenses are available for purchase, lease or rent. A free limited-feature single-user app for Android and iPhone also is available.

More information is available from TranAct at 727-568-7075 or at