Michigan DEQ awards tire recycling grants

State agency issues more than $350,000 to help recycle scrap tires throughout the state.


The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has announced the issuing of a total of $357,450 in grant money to seven scrap tire sites and 27 community cleanup days to increase the number of scrap tires recycled in the state.

The money for the grants has come through the DEQ’s Scrap Tire Program, which is charged with ensuring the proper disposal of all scrap tires generated in Michigan and the cleanup of existing scrap tires totaling more than 500 tires.

Program staff routinely inspects scrap tire collection sites, processors, end users and generators, which include tire dealers and auto scrap yards. Inspection of scrap tire collection sites includes the collection of mosquito larval samples for analysis by the Department of Community Health to ensure that sites do not create unhealthy  nvironments.

Click here to see a list of grant winners, the county where the grantee is located and the amount of the grant.