sunrype paper straws
Canadian juice vendor SunRype says the new paper straws help consumers meet today’s environmental challenges.
Photo provided by A. Lassonde Inc.

SunRype using juice boxes with paper straws

Canadian beverage maker says the straws are recyclable.

September 15, 2021

Sun-Rype Products, a division of Canada-based A. Lassonde Inc., has announced it has replaced plastic straws with paper straws in all SunRype 200 milliliter (ml) single-serve beverage boxes in Canada. The beverage producer calls the straws recyclable and bendable.

“We are on track to meet our sustainable development objectives by 2025,” says Claire Bara, president of A. Lassonde. “We plan on incorporating recyclable packaging for all of our products, and the launch of paper straws on our single-serve juice products is another step in the right direction. We know that our customers place a lot of importance on finding products that meet today’s environmental challenges, and these SunRype juice containers with new bendable paper straws are now available at Canadian grocery retailers - just in time for back-to-school lunch boxes.”

SunRype says with the new straws its Tetra Pak product containers are fully recyclable. “We are pleased to provide our customers with this environmentally responsible paper straw on all 200 ml beverage containers of our iconic brand, SunRype,” states Bara.

The launch of the paper straw follows Lassonde’s recent launch of new bottles containing 25 percent post-consumer recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) for all its juice brands available in 300 ml (roughly 10 ounce) packages in Canada.

By 2023, British Columbia-based SunRype has as its goals: using 25 percent post-consumer recycled content in its PET bottles; using 100 percent recyclable packaging for all its products; and working with governments, industry and associations to promote the collection of recyclable materials.