Stadler released a 3D drawing of the new mechanical sorting plant in Brazil
Stadler released a 3D drawing of the new mechanical sorting plant.

Stadler to help construct large mechanical sorting plant in Brazil

Orizon Valorização de Resíduos’ new plant will process 500,000 metric tons of recyclables per year.


Stadler, a recycling equipment manufacturer based in Germany, has signed an agreement with Orizon Valorização de Resíduos to build a large mechanical sorting plant in Brazil. The plant is expected to process 500,000 metric tons of mixed recyclable materials per year.

According to a news release from Stadler, this agreement with Orizon Valorização de Resíduos represents what it calls “a technological breakthrough” in the operations of the Jaboatão dos Guararapes Ecopark in Pernambuco, northeast Brazil, which will allow a greater reuse of recyclable waste. In 2020, the plant received 1.5 million metric tons of material, equivalent to the waste generated by 3.7 million people.

“The agreement also sets an example of the management and use of technology for the sector,” says Alexandre Citvaras, director of business development at Orizon Valorização de Resíduos.

Stadler reports that it has designed and implemented the entire project with two objectives: to modernize and to strengthen Orizon’s plant for the sorting process and select the recoverable products with the highest value to serve demanding domestic and international markets.

“Our biggest challenge has been to design a sorting process with proven technology that increases the efficiency of the waste treatment at the Jaboatão dos Guararapes Ecopark,” Citvaras adds. “With this machinery, we will achieve a sorting efficiency ranging from 75 percent to 85 percent of the economically viable recyclable material. It is a breakthrough in our operations, which have gained in productivity and will play a key environmental role by returning materials to the production chain, helping to move us towards a true circular economy.”

He says the new plant is expected to begin operations in 2022 and will employ 150 people.

Henrique Filgueiras, Stadler’s sales representative in Brazil, says the agreement will strengthen Stadler’s relationship with Orizon, a company that Stadler has worked with for about seven years. He adds that Orizon’s new plant has a high capacity for processing municipal solid waste (MSW).

The plant has been designed to process a large volume of material with the initial separation of the coarse and heavy fraction through mechanical sorting and final separation of the fines by hand. The plant layout envisages the possibility of extending the line to increase capacity as well as increasing the automation of its process.

Orizon Valorização de Resíduos operates five ecoparks in Brazil, and its waste management and processing facilities receive approximately 4.6 million metric tons of waste per year, serving approximately 20 million people and more than 500 business customers.