Stadler America reaches milestone
Stadler America has sold 50 ballistic separators in the U.S. as of the end of June.

Stadler America reaches milestone

Company sells its 50th ballistic separator in the U.S.


Stadler America LLC, Colfax, North Carolina, supplied its 50th ballistic separator to the U.S. market June 30. The 50 units are helping operations in 18 different states screen a variety of materials.

Stadler America, which describes itself as the “World’s largest supplier of integrated recycling plants," says that since its introduction into the U.S. market, the ballistic separator has changed the way the industry processes materials.

Since the ballistic separator was introduced more than 30 years ago, Stadler says it has developed six different frame designs and more than 80 deck configurations. These units have been tested to handle a wide range of materials, from municipal solid waste (MSW) to medical waste and everything in between.

Four unique shaft designs have allowed Stadler’s ballistic separators to exceed the typical life span of competitive units and have led to the development of an extremely robust C&D resilient machine, the company says.

This variety in shaft and frame designs and deck configurations combined with the option of medium-, heavy and extreme-duty versions allows Stadler to ensure the correct machine is selected for each application, according to the company.

 “The great thing about the ballistic separator is we can apply it to almost any process flow and achieve three fraction purity,” Nico Sherwood, aftersales program director for Stadler America LLC, says. “With various width, length, pitch and deck configurations, you can really make exceptionally clean cuts. No other piece of equipment on the market allows you to do this.”

Stadler America LLC has been operating its U.S. facility in Colfax, offering sales, parts and customer solutions, since 2016.