Spectro introduces precious metals analyzer

Spectro introduces precious metals analyzer

Company calls its new unit a “small-spot” spectrometer with XRF technology.


Kleve, Germany-based Spectro Analytical Instruments has introduced the Spectro Midex MID05 spectrometer, which it calls “a fifth-generation, fast, accurate, small-spot energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer for precious metal testing.”


The new, compact spectrometer delivers improved sensitivity and speed, and represents a smart alternative to fire assay testing, according to Spectro. Incorporating the latest developments in ED-XRF detector technology the Midex spectrometer “is one of the most advanced laboratory benchtop XRF analyzers available for precious metals testing,” says the firm.


Features and benefits of the new Spectro Midex MID05 spectrometer, according to the company, include:


  • record-setting testing times (as low as 15 seconds) (For small jewelry items or drill cuttings from remelted samples, the new spectrometer analyzes a small spot (typically 1.2 millimeters); for silver samples, which may be less homogeneous, averaging results from an optionally larger spot size maintains high accuracy results.)
  • ease of use for even minimally trained operators;
  • reliable, cost-effective analysis for precious metals testing offices, assay labs, hallmarking centers and refinery labs;
  • a robust design to meet customer requests; and
  • global support delivered through the AMECARE Performance Services program.


More information about the product can be found on this Spectro web page.