SirNaik LLC to Open Green Research Center

Plastics recycler to open 200,000-square-foot facility focusing on closed-loop recycling and product stewardship.

Plastics recycling company SirNaik LLC, Columbia, Md., has announced that it has invested $10 million in the 200,000-square-foot Green Research Center dedicated to finding solutions for post-consumer plastics. The center is scheduled to open in the fall of 2012 in West Virginia.

SirNaik LLC, formerly the Naik Group of Industries, was founded 25 years ago. The group's first subsidiary was post-industrial plastics recycler Intercontinental Export-Import. SirNaik operates facilities in the United States, Canada, India and Europe.

“Ample opportunity exists to engage a new stream of feedstock,” SirNaik states in a press release, “but a tremendous amount of research is required because post-consumer feedstock has a high degree of variability. By utilizing multiple unit processes, the Green Research Center will develop the best continuous process for recycling post-consumer material.”

According to SirNaik, the Green Research Center will house every recycling process imaginable for plastics under a single roof. Its services will be available to anyone invested or interested in closed-loop recycling and product stewardship.

The Green Research Center will process scrap plastics, certify the material and return it to the manufacturer for reuse. “Through closed-loop recycling, manufacturers will receive a better value for their own scrap,” the company says.

“With product stewardship, the Green Research Center will aid companies in better understanding, controlling and communicating a product’s environmental, health and safety related effects through its life cycle, from production to final disposal or reuse,” SirNaik says.