The Shared Logic Group: Efficiency at the scale and beyond

The Shared Logic Group: Efficiency at the scale and beyond

Michigan-based scrap recycler PADNOS uses Shared Logic’s RIMAS operating system to build trust with customers.

September 1, 2020

PADNOS, an industrial recycling business with over 100 years in operation and more than 20 locations in Michigan, puts a great customer experience at the heart of its operation. Senior IT Manager Chad Brouwer knows it is part of his job to ensure that experience, right down to eliminating friction during scale transactions for industrial and community customers.

Brouwer says PADNOS has found a valuable ally in pursuit of that goal in Ohio-based Shared Logic and its Recycling Industry Management & Accounting Software (RIMAS).

PADNOS prides itself on its use of innovative technology in service to its customers, and Brouwer sees Shared Logic as a valuable ally in that effort. “The company’s in-depth knowledge of both the industry and our business processes allows Shared Logic to make suggestions on how best to address various opportunities as they arise, and to provide solutions quickly,” states Brouwer.

Any scrap metal scale transaction involves multiple steps, but RIMAS offers PADNOS a robust integration with scales, cameras, cash dispensers and other needed peripherals. With a single click, weights are captured directly from the scale, and pictures are taken from many angles and stored with the transaction.

“This one-second process could take minutes if all done manually,” says Brouwer. “Automation speeds up the customer experience and also adds trust, removing manual errors from the process.”

The role of Shared Logic’s RIMAS goes well beyond scale house transactions. PADNOS also uses RIMAS to measure time in yard, which helps them ensure trucks are unloaded and on their way as quickly as possible. Given the shortage of trucks on the road, this has a huge impact for its customers.

RIMAS functions also help PADNOS populate its receiving and shipping calendars. This allows for planned work, which improves quality and ensures that shipped product meets customer specifications.

As more employees work from mobile devices, Shared Logic apps allow PADNOS associates to easily import images to substantiate upgrades or adjustments, which adds to their transparency with customers. RIMAS mobile also allows them to scan tags with ease, speeding up shipping processes.