sennebogen hybrid 835
Sennebogen says its 835 G Hybrid can offer a reduction of around 30 percent in fuel costs.
Photo courtesy of Sennebogen GmbH.

Sennebogen debuts hybrid material handler

Company’s G Series includes diesel and “recovered energy” power systems.

September 8, 2021

Germany-based material handling equipment maker Sennebogen has introduced the 835 G Hybrid material handler, which it calls the start of the new G series generation of machines. The 835 G features a 188-kilowatt Stage V diesel engine and what Sennebogen is calling its Green Hybrid energy recovery system.

Ten years after the launch of its E series, Sennebogen says it is taking another major step. With equipment lengths of up to 20 meters (65 feet), the 835 G is aimed at applications in scrap and timber handling as well as port operations, according to the company.

The new handler’s diesel engine is supplemented by the Green Hybrid energy recovery system, “which considerably increases the system’s overall operational performance,” says Sennebogen. The machine gains additional working speed and increased handling performance while offering a reduction of around 30 percent in fuel costs, according to the company.

Sennebogen says the 835 G Hybrid also is available in an electric-powered version. “This can also reduce operating costs by up to 50 percent, [while] the environmentally-friendly, emission-free electric motor offers low-noise and vibration-free operation even in the most demanding of situations,” states the company.

“The system itself functions like a tensioned spring that supports the boom’s working movement,” states Sennebogen of the energy recovery technology. The components, a third hydraulic cylinder on the boom and nitrogen accumulator at the rear, are safely installed and “virtually maintenance-free,” adds the firm.

Sennebogen adds, “The efficiency of the material handler has been further increased and the hydraulics have been completely reworked – every hose guide, every diameter, every valve and all the flow cross-sections have been examined and optimized. All this has resulted in genuine tuning of the hydraulics through the sensible relief of pressure on the pump system.”

The Sennebogen Maxcab also is part of the new series. The cab features a sliding door for easy entry and ergonomic joysticks. The cab’s windows are designed to offer an unobstructed view of surroundings and “the design and kinematics of the cab elevation have been further improved and now elevate the operator in an even more comfortable way,” says Sennebogen.

On the maintenance front, Sennebogen says 835 G Hybrid components are even more accessible, “and work is made easier thanks to a clearly structured machine design and central maintenance points.” Numerous platforms and grab handles ensure a high level of safety, adds the company.