Sennebogen presented new telehandler at IFAT 2018

The redeveloped 355 E telehandler signals the launch of the company’s new product line.

August 9, 2018
Carrie George

Germany-based Sennebogen GmbH presented its redeveloped 355 E telehandler to the public for the first time at IFAT 2018, which took place May 14 to May 18 in Munich. The machine signals the launch of a new product line called Multi Line, the company says.

The debut of the 355 E follows the release of Sennebogen’s 817-E series and its 855 E Hybrid.     

The Sennebogen 817 material handler tidies up, sorts, moves material and is compact, making it ideal for recycling, the company says. The unit also copes well with conditions such as dust, heat and continuous loading.

The 855 E Hybrid machine generation is driven by a 231-kilowat diesel engine complying with Tier 5 emission standards, including automatic idle stop and EcoMode. Sennebogen says it considered customer requests for increased lifting capacities and a greater range of equipment lengths. The 855 E Hybrid features equipment lengths from 17 meters (55.77 feet) to 21 meters (68.9 feet). Even with the longest equipment, the machine can provide a lifting capacity of 7.7 tons while remaining within safety limits, says the company.

In any situation where material is handled in continuous operation and the height of the equipment needs to be changed accordingly, Sennebogen’s Green Hybrid system provides power assistance, meaning much less drive power is required from the diesel engine. This results in systematic fuel cost savings.

According to Sennebogen, its 355 E features an operating weight of 11.5 tons, a maximum stacking height of 8.5 meters (27.89 feet) and convenient lifting capacities of up to 5.5 tons, making possible versatile application options as well as providing power reserves for a range of attachments.

Another feature of the telehandler is the all-round view afforded by the elevating multicab. The cab height can be adjusted to an eye height of 4.2 meters (13.78 feet) at the touch of a button.

None of the machine components obstruct the view, enabling the driver to see into every walking floor trailer or container, so material can be loaded more accurately. The elevated cab position is safer, more efficient and more comfortable, the company says.

The 355 E is designed for the challenges of continuous operation, Sennebogen says. All its components are optimized for durability. One of its special features is the Z kinematics of the boom head: a familiar feature of wheel loaders. This increases the breakaway torques in scooping operation, making the machine reliable in recycling and biogas applications.

A 103-kilowatt diesel engine keeps the compact drive transmission running smoothly. The transmission distributes the drive power to suit the requirements of the application in question: either more torque for high push-and-pull forces or higher driving speed. Sennebogen says this is an ideal solution for the requirements of material handling.

The new 355 E is equipped with a wide range of functions as standard. Along with the adjustable steering column, three steering modes, a hydraulic quick-change mechanism and an operating hydraulic circuit, the machine also features a differential lock on the rear axle.

With a multitude of options, the Sennebogen 355 E can also be customized for different application requirements, the company says. Whether customers are looking for a high-speed option with a 40-kilometer per hour (24.85 miles per hour) travel drive, hydraulic level adjustment, compressed air brake and trailer hitch or various hydraulic options, each machine can be configured individually and fitted with retrofit options if desired. With the additional hydraulic circuits, a variety of attachments can be operated in a multifunctional manner. This makes the new Sennebogen 355 E an aid in recycling facilities along with other applications, including agriculture and construction sites.

Sennebogen also has its own range of grapples, providing its customers with an ideal addition to help them work even more efficiently. Its grapple portfolio ranges from multishell grabs with different shell shapes and double-shell grabs for all kinds of bulk goods to log grapples and other special attachments. All of these attachments are coordinated with the Green Line material handlers and optimized for the specific application requirements. This results in reduced loss, better performance and lower fuel consumption, the company says.