Scrap Dragon appoints new coordinator

Scrap Dragon appoints new coordinator

Chris Foster previously worked more than 10 years in management roles at various scrap yards.

January 11, 2019

Scrap Dragon Software LLC, Atlanta, appointed Chris Foster as its implementation coordinator. The company offers several software solutions for the scrap recycling industry, such as the Scrap Dragon Classic and Scrap Dragon Xtreme.

Prior to joining Scrap Dragon, Foster spent more than 10 years working in various management positions at multiple scrap yards. During that time, Foster used multiple recycling software packages, including Scrap Dragon. He has previously held positions as a scale operator, buyer, operations manager, general manager and trader. 

According to a Scrap Dragon news release, Foster’s industry knowledge will help him to strengthen the company.

“Our best ideas have always come from having an open dialog with our customers,” says Adam Blick, president of Scrap Dragon Software. “Chris understands the challenges facing our customers on a daily basis because he has been in their shoes. Now as a member of Scrap Dragon he is able help our customers overcome those challenges using Scrap Dragon, as well as help our design team add new functionality. Scrap Dragon customers will feel comfortable as one of their own guides them through the process.”