Samsung adopts BAN’s EarthEye

Samsung adopts BAN’s EarthEye

Samsung partners with Basel Action Network to enhance e-scrap tracking.

November 6, 2018

Samsung, headquartered in South Korea, has announced it is adopting the Seattle-based Basel Action Network's (BAN) EarthEye tracking system.

EarthEye is a global GPS-based tracking system designed to allow electronic recyclers and big corporations to track e-scrap downstream to prevent illegal exports and dumping.

“Samsung not only aims to be a leader in product innovation, but also in using innovative technologies to keep our supply and disposition chains accountable,” says Mark Newton, Samsung’s director of regulatory and environmental affairs. “For this reason, Samsung will add EarthEye as part of our arsenal to maintain the most rigorous due diligence and standards for responsible recycling."

A recent news release says Samsung promotes the responsible and convenient recycling of e-scrap and supports requirements that would ban the export of unprocessed e-scrap to developing countries, consistent with the e-Stewards Standard and Samsung policy.

The company says products and parts that cannot be refurbished are processed into raw material commodities in such a way that material can be used again for production of a variety of new products.

Since 2008, Samsung has provided take-back options for consumer electronics globally, according to the news release.

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