Sadoff shifts one facility’s focus to electronics recycling

Sadoff shifts one facility’s focus to electronics recycling

Company’s Oshkosh, Wisconsin, location no longer purchasing scrap metal as of Dec. 21.

December 6, 2018

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-based Sadoff Iron and Metal Co. has announced it will restructure its facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in response to the region's growing market for electronics recycling and data destruction services. 

As part of the restructuring, the newly R2 (Responsible Recycling Practices) certified facility in Oshkosh will exclusively be an e-recycling and data destruction operation and will no longer purchase ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal after Dec. 21. The company will continue to purchase, receive and process scrap metal at its other locations in Wisconsin and Nebraska. 

“This is really an opportunity to focus on the Sadoff E-Recycling and Data Destruction business activities in Oshkosh and the surrounding region,” Sadoff CEO Mark Lasky says. “The need for these services is growing in the Fox Valley and around the country. Our vision is to be the preferred choice for recycling in the Midwest.”

Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, a subsidiary of the family-owned Sadoff Iron & Metal Co., has been in business for five years. The expansion into the electronics recycling field has been a “natural fit,” Lasky says.

“The decision is really more local than global,” he adds. “We see our opportunities expanding in our region for e-scrap and data destruction services.”

Sadoff will offer drop-off containers for ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal at the Oshkosh facility.

Sadoff has been in the metals recycling industry for more than 70 years.