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November 5, 2013

1. Granutech-Saturn MAC Magnum Logger. Granutech-Saturn Systems, Grand Prairie, Texas, has launched the MAC Magnum logger for automotive and related recycling applications. The company highlights these product features:

  • A continuous-rotation crane with a reach of 27 feet, 4 inches
  • A load capacity of 5,800 pounds at full reach
  • An in-cab Ican control system
  • A 20-foot, high-production chamber with variable density options ranging from 30 to 80 pounds per foot
  • Produces a 40-inch-by-26-inch-by-variable-length log/bale

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2. TSC Portable 6060 Little Rascal Shredder System. New from The Shredder Co., Canutillo, Texas, is the portable 6060 Little Rascal Top and Bottom Discharge (TBD) Shredder System. The company reports this new shredder offers:

  • A feed system with 40-degree feed ramp
  • A single-feed roll with hydraulic drive
  • A PLC Smart Shredder System (SSS), casting design and rotor design
  • A ferrous separation system
  • Shredder drives offered in 500 horsepower to 2,000 horsepower with capacities of 10 tons per hour to 60 tons per hour

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3. Zimmer America STF Label Scraper. Available from Zimmer America Corp., Cowpens, S.C., is the STF-LS Label Scraper, manufactured by STF Group of Germany. The label scraper for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) postconsumer bottle recycling offers the following stated features:

  • Designed for dry removal of bottle labels
  • 95 percent removal of labels and full body sleeves from PET bottles with minimal damage to the bottle and without loss of neck and caps
  • Equipped with hardened knife tips that are adjustable for different bottle sizes and throughputs
  • Label and film pieces can be separated with a ballistic separator or simple suction device for 100 percent recovery

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4. CM Dual-Drive Chip Shredder. Available from CM Tire Recycling Equipment, Sarasota, Fla., is the updated CM Dual-Drive Chip Shredder, offering the following features:

  • Dual 90-kilowatt gear motors that work together to process tires
  • Can handle whole passenger car, light truck and SUV tires or can work behind a primary shredder accepting rough shredded (single pass) tires
  • Capable of processing up to 15 tons of preshredded tire material hourly
  • Patented Multi-Stack knife design is designed to operate at extremely close tolerances to produce clean cuts with very little exposed wire
  • Knives can be resharpened and reused
  • Offered in a variety of knife configurations

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