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September 3, 2014

1. American Pulverizer preshredder. New from American Pulverizer Co., St. Louis, is a line of dual-shaft, low-speed, high-torque, hydraulic-powered preshredders with these features, according to the company:

  • ideal for pulling apart aluminum bundles of UBCs, siding and sheet with rates of up to 30 tons per hour
  • can be grapple or conveyor fed
  • large clearance between rolls allows for infeed material
  • differential speeds allow the teeth to rip and shred infeed material
  • slow speed designed to keep fines generation to a minimum
  • when used prior to secondary machines can achieve a product suitable for melting

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2. Genesis GSG scrap grapples. Genesis Attachments of Superior, Wisconsin, offers its GSG scrap grapple in 10 sizes. The company describes these product features:

  • capacity ranges from 0.5 cubic yards to 2.5 cubic yards
  • fit 20- to 80-metric-ton material handlers for a range of applications
  • designed to reduce maintenance, improve durability, lower operating costs and enhance safety
  • hardened steel bearings with dust seals at all pivot points
  • cylinders and internal components protected with a removable heavy-duty cylinder guarding system
  • large-bore hydraulic cylinders designed to maximize clamping force
  • easily replaced long-life, abrasion-resistant steel tips

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3. Sweed sifter. Sweed, based in Gold Hill, Oregon, has added a new sifter option to its modular wire and cable separation system that offers these benefits, the company says:

  • allows for additional recovery of copper and aluminum midlands and fines that get trapped in the wire and cable plastic
  • when added to the last stage of processing can increase recovery by up to 40 pounds of copper per hour
  • can be installed on any existing Sweed Separation System or on another system brand

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4. Tegro dense media separator. The Tegro Group, headquartered in Hong Kong, has launched a dense media separator (DMS) offering these features:

  • customizable and flexible turnkey design
  • designed to offer precise split cuts of light and heavy metals
  • low magnetite consumption and operating costs
  • accepts wide ranges of infeed materials and particle sizes
  • fully customized plants with specialized water treatment technology
  • throughput ranges from 5 and 20 metric tons per hour
  • can be used for copper recovery or platinum group concentrates

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