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1. MAS OneStep Extrusion System. EFactor3, Charlotte, N.C., is offering the OneStep extrusion system by MAS, based in Austria. The OneStep system is designed to combine the recycling and compounding processes into a single step. Features include:

  • Combines the MAS extruder with the MAS melt filter system (for continuous filtration with a planar array filter)
  • EFactor3 claims the system is highly efficient and consumes little energy
  • A large in-feed opening designed to accommodate low-bulk-density materials without precompression
  • No side feeders required to meter in dyes and additives

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2. MPI Eddy-Current Separator. Magnetic Products Inc. (MPI), a magnetic and nonmagnetic material handling solutions provider based in Highland, Mich., is offering an eddy-current separator for the recycling and waste industry. Its features include:

  • Designed to “throw” farther, meaning that recoverable product can be separated more efficiently, the company says
  • Available in belt widths from 20 to 60 inches with capacities up to eight tons per hour

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3. Eriez HVF Conveyors
. Eriez, Erie, Pa., is offering the HVF line of high-volume vibratory mechanical feeders, which are designed to move high volumes of bulk materials. Their features include:

  • Incorporate a standard three-phase 230/460-volt TEFC 60-Hertz motor mounted within the base
  • A variable-pitch sheave drives the eccentric shaft at approximately 1,100 RPM
  • The vibratory motion created by the shaft is amplified by the tray’s elastomer springs

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4. Terex Fuchs MHL331 D Material Handler. Terex, based in Southaven, Miss., has introduced the Terex Fuchs MHL331 D material handler. Features include:

  • A cab control system that can be equipped with a number of options designed to maximize operating efficiencies for municipal solid waste processing and C&D debris loading, unloading and sorting operations
  • A 0.65-cubic-yard grapple attachment designed to deliver material sorting flexibility
  • Designed to clear pathways and shore up stockpiles, the machine also offers an optional cleanup blade

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5. Oxford Instruments X-MET7500. Oxford Instruments has launched the X-MET7500, a new member of its handheld XRF (X-ray fluorescent) X-MET7000 analyzer series. Features include:

  • Designed to deliver analysis of a wide variety of materials, including trace elements and light elements, without the need for helium purge or vacuum pump
  • Can be used for metals recycling, scrap sorting and precious metals verification
  • Capable of identifying lead and other hazardous substances in paint, toys and wood
  • Designed to withstand harsh environments and weather conditions
  • Customizable result screen and reports

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6. Cardinal SnapStream. Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co., Webb City, Mo., has introduced the SnapStream, a fully integrated, legal-for-trade wireless scale system for commercial truck scale weighing applications. Features include:

  • A digitally controlled weighing and diagnostic system designed using 802.15.4 Zigbee protocol
  • Designed to eliminate cable runs to peripheral equipment, such as remote displays, printers and PCs
  • A range of up to 1 mile
  • Truck scale junction box accommodates two to four four-cell analog boards

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7. Torching Solutions SPARCS. Torching Solutions LLC, Flint Mich., has introduced its patent-pending SPARCS (Smoke Particulate Air Reduction Cyclone Systems) for torch cutting applications. Features include:

  • A portable, modular, self-contained unit fabricated from heavy gauge steel designed to help recyclers avoid visible emissions violations
  • A torch operator cuts metal placed inside the wind break doors to prevent crosswinds from blowing smoke toward the operator
  • Fans pull smoke through the cyclone system to remove the particulates as the operator is torching

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8. Vezzani PC 1627 ACV Shear.
Vezzani USA Inc., headquartered in Fayetteville, Ga., has introduced the PC 1627 ACV heavy-duty stationary inclined shear. Features include:

  • A capacity of more than 100 metric tons per hour
  • A cut width up to 5.5 feet (1.7 meters)
  • Designed to eliminate the need for pre-cutting or sorting steps and to process material of unlimited length with continuous cycling

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