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January 13, 2014
RTGE Staff

Italy’s Bandinelli SpA adds Sennebogen 860 Electro

Family-owned enterprise Bandinelli SpA, based in Lombardy, Italy, has added a mounted Sennebogen 860 Electro material handling machine at one of its two sites to feed a scrap metal shear.

This equipment solution was implemented in collaboration with Sennebogen’s sales and service partner Cesaro Mac, headquartered in the province of Venice. Bandinelli SpA specializes in the recycling of scrap and old vehicles and has used a Sennebogen 860 material handler to charge the 2000-tonne scrap metal shear since 2012.

Equipped with a 250-kilowatt electric motor, the machine is designed to offer energy efficiency and to work without emissions or the need to refuel. Power is supplied directly via the special gantry construction, Sennebogen says. With a reach of 21 metres, the 860 also services the sorting and loading stations in addition to the scrap metal shears. An additional Sennebogen 835 M is used as a mobile machine.

For the new installation, Bandinelli SpA wanted to bring together the control units of the material handling machine and the operation of the scrap metal shear. Sennebogen says that with this installation both machines can be operated and monitored by one person.

The Sennebogen 860 was mounted on a rigid four-point gantry undercarriage at a height of eight metres. The material handling machine thus sits directly above the shear cylinder, where it offers an unobstructed view of the Danieli-Henschel scrap metal shear as well as providing a thorough overview and freedom of movement all around the system, Sennebogen says.

The handler features the company’s PortCab designed to offer a spacious cab for the driver and a free view of the shear and work area. System control takes place in the cab and can be operated autonomously by one person, Sennebogen says.

PET recycling plant opens in Germany

German plastics recycling company TM Recycling has invested about €10 million ($13.4 million) to build a new PET plastics recycling facility. Construction of the plant is associated with the formation of PFR Nord GmbH in Hohenwestedt.

TM Recycling, along with AFA Nord GmbH, are a part of the German company Mensing Group, headquartered in Germany.

The facility has been operating since June 2013 and is processing around 100 tonnes of PET bottles per day, according to Redwave systems, which supplied sensor sorting technology for the facility.

For the process, PET bales are opened and separated by a bale opener, then the magnetic parts are separated using an overbelt magnet. Films and fines are separated using a ballistic separator. Following the ballistic separator, the 3D fraction is passed through an eddy current separator to isolate the aluminium.

The next step is the separation of contaminants such as PVC using a Redwave sorting machine, which is designed to recognize and separate different plastic materials using near-infrared technology. Color sorting, including recovery using the Redwave NIR/C color sorter, is also implemented to identify and separate different materials and colors, the company says.

The sorted clear PET is shredded and washed, and sold as PET flakes after sorting, the company reports.

Eldan installs system in Germany

German recycling company Estato Umweltservice GmbH has started up its third steel cleaning line and says it is now the largest processor of steel wire from used tyres in Germany. The line came from the equipment company Eldan Recycling A/S, based in Faaborg, Denmark.

“We are proud that Estato Umweltservice GmbH has chosen Eldan Recycling A/S to supply its third steel cleaning line as well,” says Henning Norgaard, a territory manager at Eldan Recycling. “We have a long-term working relationship with Estato Umweltservice GmbH and have since 2001 been the competent supplier of our recycling equipment to the German company which, with its seven recycling lines, process a nominal capacity of 110,000 tonnes per year, making them one of the leading tyre recyclers,” he adds.

“We started tyre recycling back in 2001 and in 2006 steel cleaning followed,” says Joseph Hösl, managing director at Estato Umweltservice. “We have high demands towards our business partners and Eldan Recycling A/S has been in a position to constantly meet our demands.”