Republic unveils new Technical Institute training center

Republic unveils new Technical Institute training center

The training program was developed to address the national diesel tech shortage.

October 4, 2021

Republic Services Inc., Phoenix, unveiled its $18 million Technical Institute training center Sept. 17. The state-of-the-art 76,000-square-foot facility is located in Dallas. According to the company, the site will host the waste industry’s first-ever diesel technician training program. 

As the need for skilled workers continues to increase, the institute will offer free training where students are fully compensated during the 12-week program. Graduates immediately will begin full-time work, joining Republic’s 35,000 employees at one of its 180 local business units. 

The training program was developed in partnership with Lincoln Tech—a leader in postsecondary education for auto, diesel and skilled trades—to address the national diesel tech shortage. The program also features life skills training that is designed to support leadership development, inclusion and diversity and overall student wellness.

“The Republic Services Tech Institute is an investment in both our current employees and the employees of tomorrow, further demonstrating our commitment to being the place where the best people come to work,” Jon Vander Ark, president and CEO of Republic, says. “We look forward to welcoming these new graduates as they contribute to our highly trained workforce, increasing the reliability and consistency of our customer experience.”

Republic Services covers all costs, including tuition, travel and lodging during the training for those who qualify. Participants also earn a salary throughout the duration of the program. Following the 12-week program, they will be offered full-time technician positions in one of the 45 states in which Republic operates, performing ongoing maintenance and repairs to the company’s fleets. According to the company, graduates will receive a competitive salary, medical and dental insurance options, 401(k) benefits and paid time off.

Republic says it is targeting a candidate pool that will extend its inclusive and diverse workforce and propel the company toward its diversity goals. Trainees will include veterans looking to re-enter the civilian workforce, recent high school graduates and individuals from underprivileged areas.

“Republic has long been committed to building strong communities,” Sumona De Graaf, senior vice president and chief human resources officer of Republic, says. “These are new, nonentry-level jobs designed to help stimulate local economies and fill the shortage of highly skilled technicians nationwide.”