Recycling Technologies offers the RT7000

Recycling machine converts low-quality plastic scrap back into oil.

December 4, 2019

United Kingdom-based Recycling Technologies has developed a proprietary feedstock recycling machine for plastics.

The RT7000 converts residual plastic scrap back into the oil it originally came from, according to a company news release. The oil, called Plaxx, is to be used as a petrochemical feedstock to produce new virgin-quality polymers with recycled content.

The RT7000 recycles low-quality plastics, including films, bags, laminates, caps and closures and converts them into a valuable raw material within the plastics value chain, the company says. Along with existing mechanical recycling, Recycling Technologies aims to help keep virtually all plastics in the circular economy with the development.

Modular and self-contained, the feedstock recycling machine can be easily distributed to existing waste and recycling facilities to divert plastic waste scrap from landfills and incineration, helping clients achieve recycling targets, the company says.

Mass manufacturing of the RT7000 enables rapid scalability of recycling capacity for film packaging in the United Kingdom, Europe and globally, including those regions of the world most blighted by the scourge of plastics in the environment.

In addition, the process uses light hydrocarbon gases, which can't be condensed to Plaxx, to enable the process to become self-sufficient.

The company’s mission is to build 1,300 RT7000 machines in the next decade, adding 10 million metric tons of recycling capacity into the system to produce 7 million metric tons of Plaxx by 2027, the company says.