Philadelphia extends program with Recyclebank

City cites significant increase in recycling since incorporating the program.


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has announced the city and Recyclebank have renewed their partnership. Since 2010, Philadelphia and Recyclebank have collaborated on the Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program that rewards residents for curbside recycling.

The city says Philadelphia Recycling Rewards is one facet of what it calls a broad strategy to achieve a 25 percent residential diversion rate by 2015.

“In recent years, Philadelphia has made incredible strides in its ambitions to build a greener city, but we can all agree that there is more work to be done, and we cannot do it alone,” says Nutter. “I commend the Streets Department and Recyclebank on working together to continually encourage residents to improve their recycling participation. The Philadelphia Recycling Rewards Program continues to be a valuable resource in the city’s recycling success. The partnership with Recyclebank has been invaluable, and we look forward to our continued collaboration,” adds the mayor.

Because of the RecycleBank program and other factors, Philadelphia’s residential recycling tonnage increased from 74,800 tons per year in 2009 to 125,000 in 2014. During that time, the city benefited from about $9.2 million in cumulative avoided disposal cost savings and additional recycling revenue. The city’s current residential curbside diversion rate is about 21.5 percent.

“I am pleased that the city’s partnership with Recyclebank has brought much needed awareness of the importance of recycling,” says Philadelphia’s Streets Commissioner David Perri. “Renewing our partnership allows us to continue attaining many of our ‘green’ goals, while increasing participation in the Philadelphia Recycling Rewards Program.”

Says Javier Flaim, CEO of Recyclebank, “We believe in the power of public-private partnerships in helping communities achieve their sustainability goals, and our work with Philadelphia is a prime example of the measurable impact that can be achieved. Philadelphia is one of our longest-standing partners and our largest community. Since the creation of Philadelphia Recycling Rewards in 2010, we’ve not only helped the city move the needle against its diversion rate goals, but also helped local residents realize the financial benefit of making greener choices and cultivated tomorrow’s environmental leaders through our Green Schools Program.”