ReCommunity MRF Features CP Installation

CP Group built and installed 25-ton-per-hour MRF for ReCommunity in Beacon, N.Y.


The CP Group, headquartered in San Diego, has designed, manufactured and installed a new single-stream recycling facility at ReCommunity’s MRF in Beacon, N.Y. The system began running April 23, 2012, and is processing 25 tons per hour, according to the CP Group.

The 56,000-square-foot MRF serves residents and businesses in Dutchess County, N.Y. It recovers mixed fiber, OCC (old corrugated containers), plastic, glass, aluminum and steel and is expected to process 57,000 tons in 2012 and 90,000 in 2013, the company says.

“We are very pleased with the facility,” says Ron Santos, Northeast regional manager at ReCommunity.  “CP has exceeded our expectations with the overall design and the system performance. They have been very responsive to anything that we have needed; we are very impressed with their customer service.”

Kevin Sullivan, senior project manager at CP Manufacturing, says, “Our goal at CP on all of our projects is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Given the feedback we’ve received, I believe the Beacon facility will be one that both the CP Group and ReCommunity can be proud and hold with high regard.”

Included in the facility is the CP Group’s IPS Conquest 200S, a high-production multi-material baler with patented dual-hinge sides, allowing material to fall into the 72-inch wide charge box, the company says. The Conquest’s hydraulically actuated wire tying capability is designed for simplicity, ease of adjustment and long component life, according to t he CP Group. The Conquest 200S can produce 1-ton paper bale every 60 seconds, the company claims.

The facility includes several CP disc screens for automatic separation: a CP scalping screen that separates glass, small debris and single-serve containers from fiber; an OCC screen that automatically separates OCC from other fibers; a CP GlassBreaker screen and glass cleanup system to break, separate and clean glass; two NewScreens that are designed to remove newspaper from mixed paper, containers, dirt and debris; and a CPScreen, which automatically separates containers from mixed paper using patented disc screen technology.

The system includes a CP Group optical sorter, the MSS Aladdin, which sorts plastics by color as well as by resin type, generating three products from a single input stream. Film Vac systems and an air drum separator were supplied by the CP Group’s partners, Impact Air and Ken Mills Engineering.

The CP Group consists of CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, IPS Balers, MSS Optical Sorters and Advanced MRF.