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March 24, 2006


This line of shears features an automated blade lubrication system that is designed to reduce maintenance and to enhance shearing performance

Automated lubrication system is said to double blade life and to reduce jaw build-up welding time by half

Shown to increase cutting power by 8 percent, according to manufacturer

Features a two-way reversible, bolt-on "Saber Tip" that requires less maintenance than traditional tips

A "Dual Guide" slide puck system supports the upper jaw, increasing pivot, cutting efficiency and jaw component and blade life by reducing stress on the jaw

Reduced shroud height provides better visibility

The larger, fully wrapped, 360-degree pivot components offer improved pivot action and better visibility

Available in rotating and non-rotating models

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Equipped with an integrated loader fitted with a four-tine grapple that offers continuous rotation

Combines high production with low maintenance and ease of use

Operators can adjust bale density from inside the loader’s cab with the flip of a switch

Powered by a 166-hp John Deere engine

Features a baling chamber that measures 70 inches wide by 90 inches deep by 92 inches long

The logger’s lower chamber offers improved operator visibility over earlier models

Bales measure 36 inches wide by 24 inches high with variable lengths

Fully automated baling cycle for easy one-person operation

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Pre-shredder engineered to process municipal, bulk rubbish and industrial debris

Features heavy-duty construction throughout

Has twin 28-inch-diameter rotors with 140-mm cutting inserts

Cutting inserts can be rotated to each
of four points before being replaced

Each row can be configured with a single row, a one-and-a-half row or a double row of cutters

Available with intakes up to 67 inches by 122 inches and motors up to 180 hp

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Mobile shear processes scrap into "mill ready" pieces

Equipped with a horizontal guillotine shear that produces more than 700 tons of force and is capable of making 4 cuts per minute

Equipped with a 230-hp Iveco-Cummins turbo diesel engine

Features four blades with reversible cutting edges

Includes Rexroth hydraulic pumps producing 5,100 psi of pressure

Automatic cycling, remote control operation standard

Self-elevating of outriggers make the unit easy to load and unload

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9-inch, bi-metal blades feature saw-tooth pitch for faster cutting

Cut converters, frames or body panels

42 percent thicker than standard blades

Money-back satisfaction guarantee

Free shipping on qualifying orders

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Available in three models, the 82, 102 and 130

Creates a new sizing standard

All three models measure 115 inches wide inside the shredder walls and have a free-flowing 97 inches of working width inside the feed chute and hammer swing

Features robust construction, fully beveled welds and interlocking fabrication

Includes the four-arm Spider Rotor, which includes free swinging 5.5-inch hammers, fully capped spiders and end discs to protect the rotor from wear

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Six models available: 3640E, 4240E, 4640E, 4840E, 5640E and 6640E

The compact model 3640E has a rated operating load of 1,175 pounds, while the model 6640E features a rated operating load of 2,900 pounds

Compact, low-profile design for maneuverability in narrow, low-clearance areas

Cabs feature roll-over protection and have Level II FOPS (falling-object protection)

Deutz 2011 Series diesel engines are used in the larger models and range from 46 hp to 82 hp on the 6640E

TNV Series Yanmar diesel engines are featured in the 3640E and 4240E loaders and a 35-hp three-cylinder is used in the 3640E

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Features an innovative single-action hydraulic lifting and tipping mechanism that provides minimum swing out

Smaller footprint allows the unit to be used in confined areas

Designed to lift and dump from ground level to 84 inches

Can be adapted to accommodate non-standard carts and containers

Available in stationary, equipment- or wheel-mounted configurations

Lifts 35- to 95-gallon containers weighing up to 500 pounds

Heavy-duty units available that can lift up to 3,000 pounds to an overall dump height of 28 feet

Optional grabber arms available to handle standard and non-standard carts

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Slow-speed, high-torque primary shredder now available with a self-contained loader

Can produce up to 30 tons per hour, depending on the material

Grapple offers operators a better view of the material and makes it easier to detect contamination

Auxiliary motor powers the loader hydraulics, while main-engine horsepower is dedicated to the rotors

Built standard on a fifth wheel frame with a tri-axle design for quick set up and increased portability

Features Morbark Iqan System, which automatically adjusts speeds, pressures and rotor direction to optimize production and engine efficiency

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