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February 18, 2010

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Nexus Recycling Software. Tampa, Fla.-based Aeon Blue Software & Development has released Nexus, which it calls “a premier business management system for the recycling and scrap material industry.” Features include:

• Scale purchase system allows tickets to be combined and paid in less than 15 seconds

• Ability to record, schedule and pay bills and invoices

• A full instant payroll system

• Can be purchased and installed on up to four computers for less than $10,000

• Users can tie different office and satellite locations together

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RFM Integra Vibrating Feeders. The Cleveland Vibrator Co., based in Cleveland, has extended its line of volumetric rectangular feeder machines (RFM) to include the compact, self-contained RFM Integra Series. Features include:

• Integrated hopper and feeder design relies on the actuation of two electrical vibrators to ensure constant, reliable flow of castings, billets and other large parts

• Engineered for continuous flow control, eliminating the need for steeply angled hopper walls

• Lower overall height and hopper walls angled at less than 30 degrees for reduced material dump height

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Sweed Scrap Choppers. Sweed Machinery Inc., an equipment manufacturer based in Gold Hill, Ore., is touting its scrap chopping equipment. Features include:

• Can chop linear steel, plastic or other material into small pieces at the point of generation for easy recycling and a space-saving ratio of up to 20-to-1

• Since the straps are chopped and stored at the point of origin, virtually all handling is eliminated  

• Available in a variety of model sizes

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EMP001 Magnetic Tape Degausser. Security Engineered Machinery, based in Westboro, Mass., has introduced the Model EMP001 Eliminator Hard Drive and Magnetic Tape Degausser. Features include:

• Permanently erases data from computer hard drives, data tapes and other magnetic media

• Effective field strength of up to 40,000 gauss

• Erases data from magnetic recorded hard disk drives with up to 3 terabytes of storage and nominal coercivity ratings of up to 5,000 Oersteds

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Imperial Systems Cyclone. Cyclone dust collectors from Imperial Systems Inc., Jackson Center, Pa., a leader in the dust collection industry, are an economical method for controlling dust particles for a variety of applications, according to the company. Features include:

• Three basic model sizes for various applications.

• Coned tops for rain run-off

• 12-inch inspection door above the material discharge

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Powercell PDX Load Cell. Mettler Toledo, a Columbus, Ohio-based provider of vehicle scales, has announced the release of its Powercell PDX load cell, which it says eliminates maintenance, repair costs and downtime related to analog or hydraulic load cell truck scales. Features include:

• Networks with no junction boxes

• Predictive diagnostics notify users of scale performance

• Automatic notification of weighing errors and overloading

• On-board microprocessor monitors internal and external influences that affect weighing accuracy

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