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November 4, 2016

CEMCO glass processing plant. CEMCO Inc., a Belen, New Mexico-based manufacturer of vertical shaft impactor (VSI) crushing equipment, has introduced its glass processing plant, featuring:

  • the ability to process 3,500 to 4,000 pounds per hour, producing rounded, 3/8-inch sand
  • a hopper and conveyor to provide efficiency and ease of use
  • a 10-horsepower electric motor

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UNTHA QR series shredder. UNTHA, headquartered in Kuchl, Austria, with a U.S. subsidiary in Hampton, New Hampshire, has expanded its line of products with the launch of its QR shredder series, which the company describes as versatile, high-performance single-shaft shredders. QR shredders feature:

  • gears that are integrated in the rotor
  • a multifunctional flap that allows access to the cutting chamber to empty the hopper and remove foreign objects
  • a high-resolution touch-screen display, intelligent pusher controls, long maintenance intervals and quick, safe access to machine components
  • rated capacity ranges of 22 to 180 kilowatts and cutting unit widths of 800, 1,000, 1,200, 1,400, 1,700 and 2,100 millimeters
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Tribogenics Watson XRF metal analyzer. Los Angeles-based Tribogenics has released the next generation of its Watson XRF (X-ray fluorescence) metal analyzer. Watson:

  • requires only seconds to complete positive material identification of 423 metal alloys
  • performs quality assurance and quality control
  • features a cloud-based data reporting system, available on Android OS, that requires no operator training
  • is ideal for those supplying metals to the aerospace, automotive and medical industries

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Kinshofer hydraulic quick couplers. Kinshofer, a Burlington, Ontario-based manufacturer of attachments for cranes, excavators and backhoe loaders, now offers its CMX210 SmartFlow quick coupler and the X-Lock pin-grabber-style quick coupler, which are suitable for 18-to-21-ton excavators and are fully hydraulic. Additional features of the SmartFlow include:

  • automatic locking
  • independent control of X-Lock safety knuckle or locking wedge
  • a self-adjusting wedge
  • sensors on the locking wedge permit mechanical or electronic display of the locked state
  • less overall height in wedge-lock system
  • step-by-step control of the locking and unlocking function
  • fully adaptable and appropriate for all sizes of excavators

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