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New and updated products for the recycling industry

February 8, 2017

Preco Electronics PreView Sentry

Preco Electronics, Boise, Idaho, has released its newest object detection system, PreView Sentry. The technology:

  • is designed to accurately identify the location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously
  • has a fully adjustable detection zone, with the ability to detect objects from the face of the radar up to 98 feet
  • features an adjustable detection zone width
  • offers built-in fail-safe alerts notifying the operator of radar blockage or communication issues
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Gensco Dynaset HMG Pro Series hydraulic magnet generators

Toronto-based Gensco Equipment has introduced the Dynaset HMG Pro Series hydraulic magnet generators. The product line features:

  • improved drop times that are up to two-times faster
  • proprietary technology and a patented design for dissipating the magnetic field quickly and efficiently
  • solid state controls with simple components and less parts
  • an installation kit that includes a hydraulic valve kit specific for installation on each machine
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Ameri-Shred electronic media shredders

Ameri-Shred, Alpena, Michigan, has added 1.5-horsepower versions to its Series 1 HDD-SSD shredders. The AMS-150-SSD and AMS-150HD-SSD are available in 120-volt or any three-phase voltage and feature:

  • a single shred width and a dual-cutting chamber that will shred rotary drives on one side and solid state drives (SSDs) on the other
  • an infeed slot, discharge bin and shred width for each chamber
  • can be installed as stationary machines or can be placed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding
  • 3/8-inch-wide particles
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Master Magnets tracked eddy current separator

U.K.-based Master Magnets Ltd. in conjunction with CRJ Services, also of the U.K., have developed an integrated eddy current separator (ECS) mounted on a tracked chassis for the dual purpose of separating ferrous and nonferrous metals with one machine, according to the Magnetics Division of Global Equipment Marketing Inc., Boca Raton, Florida, which serves as the U.S. distributor. It features:

  • a variable speed vibratory feeder, providing a steady stream of feedstock for optimum separation
  • a rare-earth drum magnet for separating ferrous material integrated with a 60-inch-wide ECS for separating nonferrous material
  • chevron belts for separation of stockpiles
  • an 11-foot tracked chassis with 16-inch-wide pad crawler tracks
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