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December 2, 2020

Presona MP 270 MH baler

Sweden-based Presona says it has launched a new baler created to reduce recycling costs while increasing operational efficiency. The MP 270 MH baler:

  • features what Presona calls parallel processes and self-optimization
  • automatically measures the density of material that enters and optimizes itself to precompress the material to 12.5 pounds per cubic foot before moving it to the main press, where the finished bale is created
  • is referred to as Presona‚Äôs Mega model, which the company says is intended for recycling and sorting plants or other businesses that bale large quantities of material
  • can process 49.6 tons of material per hour

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Revolution Systems LLC The Roadie

Revolution Systems LLC, Golden, Colorado, introduced The Roadie, its new mobile sorting platform, during the 2020 Environmental Protection Agency America Recycles: Innovation Fair in mid-November. The Roadie:

  • is a mobile sorting platform for single-stream recyclables that brings sorting to the source
  • is designed to service small communities, stadiums and other venues
  • can increase transportation efficiency
  • is designed to make sorting of single-stream recyclables convenient, sustainable and affordable

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Endura-Veyor Debris Mitigator

Endura-Veyor Inc., Alpena, Michigan, has released the Debris Mitigator, which is designed to prolong the life of conveyor belts. The Debris Mitigator:

  • provides a way for material that migrates under belts to exit through the frame so it does not collect and build up between the belt and the frame
  • includes attachable recapture trays so that fine materials and debris can be collected more efficiently
  • reduces maintenance time needed for cleaning conveyor belts and frames and provides a quick visual check for debris
  • is available on a variety of conveyor types, such as cleated, boxwall and flat belts

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