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New and updated products for the recycling industry

July 30, 2019

BossTek OdorBoss Fusion

BossTek, Peoria, Illinois, has developed a mobile system that uses no water to reduce site odors. The OdorBoss Fusion:

  • is suitable for use in soil remediation, landfills, food processing, composting, wastewater and other large-scale applications
  • features a new design that uses a fully customizable chemical flow and dispersion method
  • is mounted on an agricultural trailer with foam-filled tires
  • features a 7.5-horsepower fan that delivers an airflow of 9,200 cubic feet per minute to further atomize the liquid for wide dispersion

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Copper Recovery Phoenix Direct

Copper Recovery, Huntington Beach, California, has introduced Phoenix Direct, a turnkey miniplant with the ability to process 1,200 to 3,000 pounds of mixed cables per hour. The wire recycling miniplant:

  • can process approximately 180,000 pounds per month operating for a single shift five days per week
  • adds an electronically controlled preshredder and a built-in magnetic separator to its hand-fed Phoenix base model
  • has a power rating of 160 amps, requiring only two three-phase 480V 125A prefused circuits
  • includes a final conveyor with a magnetic drum head that ensures a ferrous-free final product

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LBX Co. 600 X4 material handler

Lexington, Kentucky-based LBX Co. has introduced the Link-Belt 600 X4 material handler, purpose-built for material handling and demolition applications. The 600 X4 features:

  • an electronically controlled, 362- horsepower engine from Isuzu
  • a straight boom and droop-nose arm
  • a hydraulics package with Spool Stroke Control (SSC) technology designed to achieve maximum control and productivity
  • an X4 cab that lifts hydraulically to provide operators with a view of 19 feet, 4 inches at eye level
  • RemoteCare GPS telematics for remote monitoring and machine performance alerts

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