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New and updated products for the recycling industry

March 27, 2020

HSM cross-strapping technology

Frickingen, Germany-based HSM GmbH + Co. KG has introduced a cross-strapping unit designed for its automated large channel (extrusion) balers. The cross-strapping unit:

  • allows bales to be strapped five times horizontally and four times vertically
  • is particularly useful with expansive materials, such as foils, and with hard plastic
  • can be turned off when baling fiber
  • is designed with ease of use in mind

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Van Dyk Recycling Solutions RoBB-AQC robotic sorter

Norwalk, Connecticut-based Van Dyk Recycling Solutions has introduced the RoBB-AQC, a robotic sorter designed to improve quality- control sorting. The robotic sorter:

  • features tough arm construction that does not require daily replacement of parts
  • combines the accuracy of near-infrared detection with the adaptability of artificial intelligence-powered learning
  • recovers at a rate of up to 70 picks per minute

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Link-Belt LSG scrap grapple

LBX Co. LLC, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, has launched the Link-Belt LSG series of scrap grapples, designed for scrap handling, construction and demolition sorting and bulk material handling. The grapple features:

  • reverse-mounted cylinders that protect rods from damage
  • multiple tine and spade styles for all types of scrap material
  • an overall footprint that easily fits inside trailers
  • identical hardened steel bearings with dust seals at all pivot points to protect the unit against external debris
  • large bore hydraulic cylinders for maximum clamping force

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