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More than 65 years of engineering and service excellence makes SWEED the right choice for wire and nonferrous processing solutions.

September 29, 2021

A Pacific Northwest heritage in the wood products and mill industry is how SWEED Machinery Inc. got its start designing equipment that needs to run 24/7 with demanding production requirements. SWEED recycling machinery is engineered and built to these same robust standards.

The expansive line includes legendary SWEED choppers, designed to despool and chop large-diameter communication cable; cable shears; slitters; as well as robust shredders and high-performance granulators.

“Through more than six decades of engineering and manufacturing process machinery, we’ve learned to build stout, high-performing equipment for our customers. This discipline has allowed us to continue growing,” says Tyler Casebeer, president and CEO of SWEED. “In the 1990s, we began building complete nonferrous recovery systems, which was the result of customer demand and the performance they had experienced in our other equipment.”

SWEED systems process an array of material types, and because of SWEED’s engineering background, flexibility for customization is ever-present. SWEED easily can cater its nonferrous recovery systems to a customer’s footprint or design equipment to handle unique scrap materials. SWEED’s mission in all cases is to provide innovative and effective solutions for its customers.

A SWEED nonferrous chopping line customer in the eastern United States shares this experience: “A chopping line was a big decision for us. We visited a lot of other installations and talked with leading manufacturers around the world. A lot of the other manufacturers produced a one-size-fits-all solution. Part of the appeal of working with SWEED was its ability to develop a solution that was unique to our situation and objectives. We installed in 2019; two years later, we’ve processed nearly 25 million pounds and are very pleased with the results.”

Another example of a custom application resides at National Grid in New York, which operates a custom slitter system and a high-volume wire and cable chopping system manufactured by SWEED. The slitter is designed to slit greasy cable core down the center, separating the cable into three streams. Two of those streams consist of the cable’s outer shells, which are fed to and processed in a SWEED custom linear chopper, then collected into one bin. The single inner core, which contains the greasy portion of the cable, is chopped and sent to a separate bin since it cannot mix with other materials.

Mike Stanistreet, a senior analyst at National Grid, shares, “Through partnering with SWEED, we found a natural relationship of willingness to make a better product. The quality of the service, engineering and people is really second to none.”

“What sets SWEED apart from other manufacturers is the approach we take to equipment,” says Kevin Gordon, SWEED’s sales director. “We think about maintenance, the ease of getting into a machine, and how you position equipment so it’s going to be simple to work on, saving time and money. From an R&D perspective, we’re constantly working to make improvements.”

Gordon continues, “When working with SWEED, a customer can expect to have an unmatched experience. We don’t simply offer a cookie-cutter solution. Whether the project is small, medium or large, we focus on delivering the highest recovery and lowest operating costs so our customers can maximize their profits.”

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