prezero plastic products
Household goods made with reprocessed packaging scrap have hit the shelves in Lidl and Kaufland stores in Germany.
Photo provided by PreZero Stiftung & Co. KG.

PreZero products hit European market

Resins from plastic recycling operation owned by German retailer being used in garbage cans, storage containers.

February 24, 2021

PreZero Stiftung & Co. KG, a plastics recycling and reprocessing company owned by the Germany-based retail group that operates Lidl and Kaufland stores, is providing recycled-content resin to make household goods sold in those two stores.

The Neckarsulm, Germany-based Schwarz Gruppe says its Lidl and Kaufland stores are now placing products made with “at least 95-percent-recycled plastic” into its retail locations. The PreZero plastic has been produced from recycled packaging scrap, says the German company.

“We promote the production of new products from packaging [scrap] and offer them for sale in the retail divisions,” says Thomas Kyriakis, CEO of PreZero.

The packaging scrap collected and sorted by PreZero is cleaned at two of its own recycling facilities in Europe and is then reprocessed into plastic granulate. Household products made from the recycled-content resins include buckets, clothes hangers, garbage cans and storage boxes.

The first products became available at Kaufland stores in mid-January, and the product line will expand over the course of the year, according to Schwarz Gruppe. The products will be available in all Lidl stores in Germany at the end of February.

Schwarz Gruppe says the effort is part of its REset Plastic strategy, and the recycled-content products are a means of promoting the group’s vision of “less plastic – closed loops.”

The retailer and its PreZero business unit have been active in early 2021, including by rebranding with the PreZero name recycling assets in Sweden it acquired from France-based Suez. PreZero also has opened a sorting plant in Belgium early this year, and has announced the acquisition of a United States-based polyethylene (PE) film and bag manufacturer.