Plasticity organizers propose global bottle bill

Hong Kong-based advocacy group says incentives are needed to prevent littering.

August 6, 2014

The Ocean Recovery Alliance, Hong Kong, and other organizers of the Plasticity Forum have posted a video soliciting support for a worldwide “bottle bill” (deposit and collection program) to boost the recycling rate of plastic bottles and other beverage containers.
The video uses footage from Hong Kong and conversational clips from residents of that city to make the point that without the financial incentive of a bottle bill it has become too easy for governments to direct PET (polyethylene terephthalate) beverage bottles to landfills and incinerators and too easy for individuals to throw them on the ground or into the water.
The creators of the video estimate that 2 million beverage containers are disposed of and landfilled in Hong Kong each day. At the same time, the administrative region’s government is grappling with where to locate a new landfill or incinerator.
Doug Woodring, founder of Plasticity organizer Ocean Recovery Alliance, says the group has not delved into the details of how a worldwide bottle bill might work, but says instead the video is intended “to plant some seeds with those out there who might be able to take action.”
The video clip can be found at