Pallmann Industries introduces Lynx

Pallmann Industries introduces Lynx

Lynx turbofiner can be used to produce rubber powder without the need to add cooling agents such as nitrogen.


Pallmann Industries, Clifton, New Jersey, has introduced the PLMW Turbofiner Lynx, which the company says can produce fine rubber powder from scrap tires without the need to add nitrogen as a cooling agent.

PLMW Turbofiners are used to finely grind precut rubber chips from truck and car tire treads and produce material that can be as fine as 425 microns. According to the company, the special design of the machine means that even hard-to-grind or temperature-sensitive products can be ground at ambient temperature without the need to add nitrogen as a cooling agent.

A vibratory feeder or rotary value continuously feeds precut material ranging in size from 2 millimeters to 4 millimeters to the Lynx. Contamination is removed with a solenoid coil or air sifter before the material is ground. The grinding process is aided by the quick-running rotor, which produces whirls of air between the beater plates that cause the rubber particles to collide, the company says.

The ground material is pneumatically conveyed to a downstream filter that separates the material by particle size. Larger particles that do not met the desired fineness are automatically reintroduced to the grinding process.

The new beater plate geometry and the high circumferential speed of the PLMW Lynx rotor allow the machine to produce particle sizes that previously were not achievable with traditional ambient grinding processes, Pallmann Industries says.

The resulting material can be used for new rubber applications.  

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