OCC Auger
Photo courtesy CP Group

Eliminate the presort 2.0

See how CP Group's products can provide quality separation for any business.

July 1, 2022

For the last five years, all the hype has been around CP Group's primary auger screen. Screw conveyors and screens have been used for decades in multiple industries but never before in residential and commercial single-stream recycling plants, until now. 

CP Group, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), created and brought this screening method to the North American market. After years of research and development, the company identified the right features and sizing for a successful material split. 

The auger screen is placed directly after the infeed conveyor and eliminates the presort. Cantilevered steel augers don’t wrap or jam. The true nonwrapping machine is a revolutionary and disruptive technology in MRF process flow and design. 

By fractionating the inbound stream, sorters on the auger screen postsort see a reduced material burden depth. This allows MRF operators to run with fewer sorters while keeping their sorters safe. The small fraction bypasses sorters, which have sharps, glass and other small biohazards.

Fractionating creates more homogenous streams to let downstream equipment work smarter and not harder.

CP Group created version two of the auger screen, a patented nonround cantilevered steel auger that agitates material at a higher rate than the round augers. The OCC Auger Screen successfully has been shown in multiple installations to create a clean old corrugated containers (OCC) end-product in commercial and single streams. 

CP Group's forward-thinking approach uses both auger screens to eliminate the presort and the typical OCC quality control station. 

In our industry, the people have always protected the machines. The way industrial automation should work is the machines should protect the people. This is what the auger screen does. 

CP Group is an OEM with 45 years of manufacturing experience, including:

  • we make auger screen flights in-house with a proprietary machine;
  • no third-party hassle;
  • flexibility in design; and
  • experience, design, manufacturing, installation and service under one roof.