NRRA recognizes American Retroworks

NRRA recognizes American Retroworks

Company’s Good Point Recycling division and CFO honored at annual conference and expo.

June 8, 2016
Recycling Today Staff

Robin Ingenthron of Good Point Recycling, pictured at right 



The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), Epsom, New Hampshire, has announced the recipients of two awards at its Annual Conference and Expo, held at the Radisson Hotel Monday, May 16, 2016, in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Good Point Recycling, a division of American Retroworks Inc., Middlebury, Vermont, received the Business of the Year Award for its global stewardship and exceptional service, the NRRA says. The company has worked with NRRA as an electronics recycling vendor since 2003.

Rachel Gosselin of American Retroworks, left, also was recognized. 
“[CEO] Robin Ingenthron has worked tirelessly to improve electronic recycling in Vermont, New England, Mexico and worldwide,” says Michael Durfor, NRRA executive director. “He is a visionary in his field. Some of the visions are hard to follow, but sooner or later they come to fruition.”

Ingenthron also nominated Rachel Gosselin, chief financial officer (CFO) of American Retroworks, for a Special Recognition Award for her service with the company. 

“In 2006, she took over payroll and invoicing and within six weeks had done more than her predecessor had done in 12 months,” says Ingenthron. “Now as CFO, she brings a balance of caring about recycling, doing recycling right and caring about people.”