New Recycling Software Designed for Compatibility, Affordability

Nexus is Windows compatible, carries $10,000 price tag.

January 5, 2010

Tampa, Fla.-based AEON Blue Software & Development has released Nexus, which it calls “a premier business management system for the recycling and scrap material industry.”

In a news release, the company says the new software “offers one of the most competitive pricing packages in that it can be purchased and installed on up to four computers for under $10,000.”

The software is centered around the MySQL database engine, according to AEON Blue, and “each client application is developed under the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework, which provides responsive, stable, and reliable user interaction. “

Says the company in its news release, “Nexus fully supports Windows 7, as well as Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 and can interface with any Windows-compatible printer. Users of the Nexus system can tie different office and satellite locations together, and thus users can safely access company data and operations from anywhere in the world.”

Nexus features a scale purchase system that allows tickets to be combined and paid in less than 15 seconds, according to AEON Blue. Other features include:
• the ability to record, schedule, and pay bills and invoices;
• a full instant payroll system;
• an accurate time clock interface;
• batch payroll and support for flat-hours and holiday time as well as health, vision, and dental deductions;
• automatically updates its tax tables via the Internet;
• for mobile shredding companies, Nexus has a Google-Maps integration which can show live, interactive pushpins to show users exactly where their equipment is located and whether or not it needs to be serviced.

Nexus also offers its users additional features and reports, plus “purchases through 2011 qualify to receive 20-hours of free development time from AEON Blue Software to add features, reports, and customizations to suit the customers’ needs,” says the company.

More information on Nexus can be found at .