NYC program collects 100,000 e-scrap items

NYC program collects 100,000 e-scrap items

Since the program’s start, it has collected more than 1,700 tons of e-scrap.


New York City’s curbside e-scrap program has collected more than 100,000 electronic items from residential homes since the start of the program less than three years ago, the city reported at a press conference hosted by the New York City Council Minority Leader Steven Matteo and the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner Kathryn Garcia last week. 

The curbside pickup program, launched by DSNY and ERI, headquartered in Fresno, California, now serves more than 2.5 million New York residents and has gathered more than 1,700 tons of e-scrap. Additional e-scrap programs offered by ERI and DSNY also include the ecycleNYC program, which has collected more than 11,000 tons of electronics. 

“We are honored to be part of this constructive collaboration and this historic and successful partnership with the great city of New York,” says David Hirschler, director of OEM (original equipment manufacturer), sustainability and legislative affairs for ERI. “The curbside pickup program and the 100,000 devices we’ve collected to date are just the beginning as the program continues to grow and serve more and more New Yorkers. It’s rewarding to help so many in our city do the right thing and collect and responsibly recycle their e-waste, the fastest growing waste stream in the world today, and keep toxic electronics out of New York landfills.”