Momentum Recycling partners with End of Waste Foundation

Momentum Recycling partners with End of Waste Foundation

Salt Lake City-based glass recycler to implement software to track glass from "bin to brand."


Costa Mesa, California-based End of Waste Foundation Inc. (EOW) has announced its first partnership with Salt Lake City-based Momentum Recycling. The foundation says Momentum is implementing EOW’s blockchain-technology-based software to track glass from “bin to brand.”

EOW’s "blockchain traceability software" can track the movement of glass from hauler to material recovery facility (MRF), glass processor and manufacturer to “ensure quantities are recycled” and “provide data to increase recycling rates," EOW says. Once the loop is closed, a glass certificate is issued, which verifies the amount recycled, the chain of activity and carbon and greenhouse gas offsets.

Through the program, consumers and companies purchase glass certificates to help increase recycling rates, EOW says. Contributions are redistributed to MRFs and processors to cover negative costs, as well as to invest in technology and workforce.

“We look forward to working with the End of Waste Foundation and appreciate the innovation they are bringing to the system,” Momentum Recycling President and CEO John Lair says. “We are great supporters of their vision of a new distributed shared responsibility, where contributions provide funds to cover negative costs and increase our recycling rates with investments in new technology.”

Momentum recycles glass from communities in Utah and Colorado, including Boulder and Denver. Momentum’s initiatives have increased glass recycling in Colorado from 6 percent to 23 percent, but the company has a goal to boost glass recycling rates to 50 percent and move communities toward a more circular economy. Lair says EOW’s software provides “definitive proof” that glass is being recycled back into bottles through a closed loop system.

“What’s more, the End of Waste Foundation program helps reduce the cost of recycling glass, allowing more to be recycled,” Lair adds. “Our goal is to increase glass recycling rates in Utah and Colorado without container deposit laws to at least 50 percent and the End of Waste Foundation program will be a big boost to those efforts.”

About 67 percent of glass is sent to landfills, according to EOW. Implementing the software “provides transparency” and connects glass manufacturers, consumers and waste management companies to “validate quantities recycled, confirm the activity of each partner and close the glass life cycle.”

“We are extremely happy to have Momentum Recycling on board,” EOW Founder Ionut Georgescu says. “This shows that industry players appreciate the need for trust and transparency in the system and the new model of distributed and shared responsibility that End of Waste Foundation is proposing.”

Georgescu adds, “We’ll be announcing new partnerships soon and we look forward to collaborating with more early adopters in the recycling industry and waste management to increase recycling rates across the U.S.”