Mobileye Shield+ System is designed to prevent collisions between trucks and pedestrians

Mobileye Shield+ System is designed to prevent collisions between trucks and pedestrians

Rosco system increases awareness and safety for collection truck drivers.

October 16, 2017

The Mobileye Shield+ System from Rosco Collision Avoidance, Jamaica, New York, is the latest technological advancement for preventing collisions between vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRUs), including pedestrians and cyclists.

According to Rosco, VRUs often are not seen by the truck operator because of large blind spots around the vehicle, especially when making turns. Operating conditions demand the highest level of awareness by the vehicle operator. Shield+ is designed to increase awareness and safety for the driver and VRUs around the truck to prevent collisions.

Shield+ yields left, center and right alarm interfaces that communicate audio and visual alerts to drivers based on the directional location of the VRU and the potential for collision. Whether a straightaway or turn, the smart vision multisensor system is tuned with sophisticated algorithms and years of Mobileye experience to filter out VRU proximity that is not at risk while detecting and tracking VRU proximity and course using an intelligent vision sensor. Smart vision sensors on the front and sides of the truck track possible collision courses and alert the driver in time to avoid or lessen incident severity.

Features include:

  • assists large vehicle operators to prevent collisions with vulnerable road users;
  • assists decision makers by providing invaluable real-time big data on dangerous intersections;
  • provides constant updates of near crashes with pedestrians and cyclists;
  • identifies exact geo-location of incidents; and
  • provides real-time big data on dangerous intersections.

The optional “intelligent” external alert system will send an audible alert to VRUs around the vehicle to ensure they are aware that the vehicle is within the vicinity and maneuvering around them. The alert will only sound when Shield+ detects an imminent collision between the vehicle and a VRU. This “intelligent” or smart technology alert reduces noise pollution and helps prevent VRUs from “tuning out” excessive alerts that sound at every turn.

The system is designed to identify a diverse and extensive variety of potential dangers on the road, such as vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. The distance and relative speeds of these objects are measured continuously  to calculate the risk collision. Even lane markings and traffic signs are detected. When danger is imminent, visual and audible alerts warn the driver to make necessary corrections in sufficient time to avoid potential collisions or mitigate their severity.

The vision multisensor system provides drivers with alerts when pedestrians and cyclists are in the danger zones on the side of the truck as well as the front. Often, says Rosco, pedestrians will dart out between cars to cross the street and into a driver’s blind zone. Shield+ can minimize such safety concerns. The addition of the pedestrian and cyclist side-sensing makes the driver aware of pedestrians and cyclists in the truck’s path, before an incident occurs, giving the driver time to react and take corrective action. These alerts can help save lives and your organization’s safety program.

Components include three driver alert displays, two windshield-mounted smart sensors and two exterior camera housings with smart sensors.

The Shield+ Telematics System can locate and pinpoint potential “hot spots” on driving routes. The company says a vast majority of collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists proved to be preventable with the right technology. More information is available at