metso precious metals
Metso Outotec says its DC furnace technology is well suited for secondary smelting applications.
Photo courtesy of Metso Outotec.

Metso makes precious metals sale

Company sells smelting and recycling equipment to undisclosed customer.


Finland-based Metso Outotec says it has received an order for the engineering and delivery of equipment for the expansion of a precious metals recycling plant. The order includes delivery and installation of a direct current (DC) furnace with feeding equipment and a process control system, the equipment provider says.

Metso says neither the name and location of the customer nor the value of the contract will be disclosed. “Typically, this type of an order is in the range of 8 million euros to 15 million euros ($9.75 million to $18.3 million),” the company says.

“We are excited about this order, as it will strengthen our position in treatment of secondary raw materials,” Jyrki Makkonen, vice president of the smelting business line at Metso Outotec. “Our DC furnace technology is well suited for secondary smelting applications, including precious metal recycling. This delivery is well in line with our strategy to grow in circular economy.”

Precious metals can be recycled an infinite number of times, says Metso, which in its news release announcing the sale also points to the role of platinum group metals, or PGMs, in controlling automotive exhaust emissions.

Metso Outotec says its DC furnace is based on proprietary technology featuring advanced environmental performance and efficient slag and alloy separation providing high metal recoveries.