Metal recycling facility proposed for northwestern Indiana
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Metal recycling facility proposed for northwestern Indiana

A recycler plans to start Merrillville Metal Recycling this fall in Hobart, Indiana.

July 22, 2019

A company plans to open a scrap metal recycling facility this fall in Hobart, Indiana. Jake Bronstein, owner of Merrillville Metal Recycling, says he hopes to open Merrillville Metal Recycling at an industrial property on 83rd Place in Hobart. On July 11, Bronstein says Merrillville Metal Recycling's conditional use petition was approved for a recycling station by the city. He adds that he is meeting with the city's plan commission to seek approval for six variances the company applied for, such as elimination of sidewalks, yard setbacks, lot coverage ratio and fencing.

Prior to starting the new Merrillville Metal Recycling venture, Bronstein worked for about a year as a general manager and vice president of operations at Maine Scrap Metal LLC, Des Plaines, Illinois. 

“I got a lot of exposure into the scrap business and was put into a leadership role,” Bronstein says. “I decided to follow my own ambitions and develop this idea and start to implement it in February.” 

Merrillville Metal Recycling will primarily serve as a ferrous and nonferrous processor. Bronstein says he doesn’t intend to accept any salvage scrap. 

Bronstein adds that he first secured capital commitment for Merrillville Metal Recycling in March. He says the Hobart community offered good opportunity to start a scrap metal recycling business.

“The city recognized that we could provide a service that was nonexistent and that would be beneficial to the economy,” he says, adding that it also offers good access to infrastructure and is close to several consuming mills. “The ability to capture tonnage in this area is a good opportunity for us.”