MCS receives tire recycling permit in Missouri

Company says it has one of the few new permits in that state in recent years.

August 30, 2017
Recycling Today Staff

Scrap tire processor Maryville Carbon Solutions (MCS) says it has been granted a Scrap Tire Processing Facility Operating Permit by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in early August 2017, making it one of 21 permitted processors in the state. MCS is a Maryville, Missouri-based facility owned by Colorado-based Bolder Industries, the producer of Bolder Black, which it describes as a sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black.


“It’s absolutely a benefit to our communities to get tires out of our environment,” Kirk Mitchell, environmental specialist at the Missouri DNR, says of the new facility. “The city of Maryville has fully embraced MCS, and our department is very optimistic about their contributions to the northwest portion of the state and the local community.”


MCS says its facility will convert scrap tires into “valuable products” and will operate as “an environmentally friendly, net energy positive facility.” The company plans to process from 1 to 2 million tires annually to produce Bolder Black, oil, steel and various types of crumb rubber.


The facility will charge an individual rate for tires and a bulk rate for loads of more than 15 tires. It will accept tires during weekday hours by appointment only, MCS says in a news release.


MCS describes itself as operating a proprietary closed-loop technology that recycles end-of-life tires into high-performance, environmentally responsible products in a facility that is “90 percent more efficient in terms of water and electricity consumption than commercial alternatives.” MCS anticipates diverting nearly 25,000 tons of material from entering landfills each year.