MB-Sort employs Sesotec’s Varisort Compact sorting system

MB-Sort employs Sesotec’s Varisort Compact sorting system

The equipment is designed to provide high-precision sorting for small-to-medium-sized fractions, Sesotec says.

November 13, 2017
RTGE Staff

MB-Sort, Schoenberg, Germany, was established in August 2016 to provide contract sorting of various types of complex and technically problematic materials.

Every month MB-Sort recycles up to 200 tons of various mixed fractions. The company’s customers include recycling companies and manufacturers.

Among the tools MB-Sort employs for this task is the Varisort Compact system from Sesotec, also of Schoenberg.  

“In our own sorting line, the material must be sorted into different material groups or cleaned. Sesotec's Varisort Compact system is optimally suited for this task,” says Markus Burghart.

Material is fed into the Varisort Compact system using specifically adapted vibration feeders that ensure a homogeneous material transfer onto the full width of the high-speed belt conveyor, Sesotec says. The combination of infeed slide and belt conveyor eliminates form, weight and friction influences of the infeed material. At the end of the belt conveyor, the material is classified by means of corresponding sensors. After evaluation of the relevant information, high-speed valves are activated with a corresponding delay time for material discharge. Particles that must be separated are deflected from their original trajectory by targeted compressed-air blasts, falling into a separate shaft, Sesotec says.

The Varisort Compact CM+ recycling sorting system among others is used to sort shredded small electric/electronic devices, separating printed circuit boards, copper, aluminum and stainless steel and other metals from plastics. 

In multisensor operation, the C and M+ sensors are combined. The C sensor unit provides information about form and color, and the M+ sensor is responsible for metal detection. With this combination, a high metal purity can be achieved and a usable plastic fraction can be obtained, Sesotec says.

In metal recycling, the objective is to achieve correct sorting of the metal mixture consisting of aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, and stainless steel. Sesotec's Varisort Compact CM+ system ensures reliable recycling with purities of more than 98 percent, the company says.

For plastics processing companies, production scrap or regrind must be separated by color. Once recycled, these materials can be fed back into the production cycle again. With the C color detection sensor, the Varisort Compact system can be used for this task.