Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. adopts How2Recycle Label

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. adopts How2Recycle Label

The label will be included on the company’s baby care products.

November 29, 2018

How2Recycle, a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Charlottesville, Virginia, has announced that Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., Skillman, New Jersey, has adopted the How2Recycle label. The company will start by using the on-package recycling label on many of its baby products, including lotion, shampoo and wash, according to a news release from How2Recycle. The label is deigned to help make recycling easier by providing specific instructions on how each product can be recycled.

“We are thrilled that Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. is joining the movement of hundreds of brands embracing standardized recycling labeling with How2Recycle,” says Kelly Cramer, lead of How2Recycle at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. “By telling people exactly how to recycle their packaging, Johnson & Johnson is empowering parents to take proper action while making their lives easier.”

The How2Recycle label is the only U.S.-based recycling label that is standardized across all packaging types and is designed to offer comprehensive instructions on packaging recyclability in an easy to understand format. Thousands of name brand products already use the label and it can be found in retailers in hundreds of stores across the country.

How2Recycle is a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a membership-based group that brings together business, educational institution, and government agencies to collectively broaden the understanding of packaging sustainability