JBI Signs Waste-to-Fuel Deal with RockTenn

RockTenn will use JBI technology to convert its mill byproduct into fuel.

August 16, 2011

JBI Inc., Thorold, Ontario, has signed an agreement with RockTenn Co., a paper company headquartered in Norcross, Ga., to convert its mill byproduct into fuel using JBI's Plastic2Oil technology.

Under the agreement, JBI has an exclusive 10-year license with a renewal option to build and operate Plastic2Oil processors at RockTenn facilities to process plastics recovered at RockTenn's paper mills and material recovery facilities and to mine and process plastics from RockTenn's monofill sites.

RockTenn has been storing its plastics byproduct in company-owned plastics-only monofill sites for several years. The agreement gives JBI the exclusive rights to mine plastics from these sites.

John Bordynuik, JBI founder and CEO, says, "RockTenn has the industrial relationship and feedstock to support hundreds of Plastic2Oil processors. We anticipate a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties and intend to expand as quickly as possible. RockTenn currently has sites that can support clusters of processors. In preparation for this agreement, we have designed our processors to be modular 'plug and play' to allow rapid deployment across RockTenn's locations."