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Industrial Service Solutions offers emission control technology to auto shredder operators

The company says it offers an integrated solution based on years of experience serving other industries.

November 30, 2020

Industrial Service Solutions (ISS), with corporate headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida, has provided emission control systems for a wide variety of industrial applications for more than 25 years. The company’s Recycling Technologies division, based in Houston, is bringing the experience it has gained from serving the wood products, steel, renewable energy, cement and petrochemicals industries to automobile shredder operators.

Bill Tigner, vice president of ISS – Recycling Technologies, says, “We are unique in the sense that we have been involved in particulate, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and acid gas controls in other industries that have similar challenges that automobile shredder operators are facing today.”

ISS says it will incorporate four of its companies to offer this proprietary system, which includes engineering and project control, fabrication and turnkey installation and electrical controls integration. Other industries that ISS supplies with emissions controls have similar challenges to those of auto shredder operators, including the need to protect the system from explosions, according to the company. ISS says this previous experience gives it an advantage over competitive systems that typically combine technology from suppliers that are integrated by another supplier.

With 45 locations across the nation, ISS provides comprehensive nationwide field services, fully equipped service shops and supply shops with available parts. In support of the scrap metal industry, ISS offers complete stationary shredders, including castings and wear parts, AmeriMex motors and controls, emission controls, the Taurus US line of scrap shears and balers and ZB Group’s Thor mobile shredder line.