In a changing world, Machinex remains committed to advance recycling

In a world where packaging evolves rapidly, MRF sorting technologies must remain ahead of the curve.

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As a pioneer in the recycling industry with roots dating back to 1970, Machinex built the first MRFs in Canada. Today, with close to 600 team members globally and installations across the world, Machinex has tremendous visibility into the needs of plant operators.

In a world where packaging evolves rapidly, MRF sorting technologies must remain ahead of the curve. To achieve this, Machinex is investing millions of dollars annually into research and development (R&D) to continually evolve and strengthen its portfolio of sorting technologies.

Whether a waste and recycling company is planning a greenfield project or a retrofit, one of the main components the system will rely upon is optical sorters. In Machinex systems, that’s the MACH Hyspec®.

A decade ago, systems had one or two optical sorters, primarily on the container line. Today, some Machinex systems use up to 10 MACH Hyspec® optical sorters deployed across the fiber and container lines.

As Machinex builds and upgrades many plants in 2022 and 2023, it will be installing more than 50 opticals globally.

Technology focused at its core

Mach Hyspec® units have advanced hyperspectral technology and benefit from more than a decade of continued technological development. With multichannel, dual-ejection configuration and metal detection available, along with the widest units on the market, Machinex is meeting a wide range of customers’ needs.

As sorting systems increase in capacity, Machinex is opening the door to interconnectivity among components for optimal MRF operations. Artificial intelligence (AI) and vision systems are being integrated into these units. Meanwhile, the company’s advanced MACH INTELL™ platform provides real-time material performance analytics and much more.

“Machinex is a manufacturer, sure, but we are really a technology company. We understand that advancing recycling really requires the application of advanced technology. Therefore, we’re increasingly a technology first company,” says Chris Hawn, CEO of Machinex Technologies Inc.

Strategic engineering

“Our MACH Hyspec® units are engineered for performance on the inside, but they are also developed with the operator in mind,” says Steven Pitt, Optical Production and Industrialization Supervisor. “We know our customers only make money when their plants are running, so we engineered these units, like the rest of our plants, for minimal maintenance in mind while ensuring the necessary maintenance can be done easily.”

The pivoting light system and ejection bars allow for quick and simple glass cleaning, bulb replacement and valve checking and changes.

The full-size access door delivers safe and comfortable access to all the unit’s interior components. An integrated ladder at the speed belt ensures safe access to maintain components while, for fiber applications, an integrated mechanism to retract the air-tunnel ensures quick, seamless access.

“With hundreds of plant installations globally, we’ve seen the importance of maintenance and service for our customers. As a former service technician, I know that ease of access and ergonomics are fundamental features. Our priority was to ensure getting to the heart of the MACH Hyspec® was easy and safe.” Pitt shares.

The MACH Hyspec® is truly reflective of the technologically driven solutions Machinex is developing for the recycling industry. Developed, designed and manufactured entirely in-house at Machinex, customers can be certain of performance and total support.


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